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Cape Town - 27 - South Africa

Items of Choice has been established for the last Two years in Cape Town, South Africa. It is driven by three admin employees and we import as well as Assist global exporters to connect to the right Buyers in South Africa. We all understand that the Mass email marketing does not always work, so we have been busy with connecting clients to the key Clients in our country. The South African buyer is Discerning, likes to receive personal mail with a Business card and photo's. Most of the larger Corporations have buyers for each division, you Need to mail to the correct division. We supply you this information at USD 37.00. This is extremely cheap.
Please only email us if you are serious in contacting Buyers. We wait for your email together with the key information on your products.

e.g. ties or fabric or nuts and bolts or footwear, e.t.c.
Email: Michelle Salati at

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Cape Town, 27 South Africa - Saturday, July 03, 1999 at 12:23:12 (PDT)