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Karachi - 021 - Pakistan

We feel pleasure to introduce Pakistan's National Dress the
"Shalwar Kamiz" for Men in the International Market. A wide range of Shalwar Kamiz suits include casual, semi casual and party dresses in 2 & 3 pieces suits respectively. The fabric used to stitch these suits is of good quality and we always try for better than the best stitching by experienced top tailors.
The price of Shalwar Kamiz suits (for men) is as follows:
Casual suits : 2 piece : light fabron : US$12.00
Semi Casual : 2 piece : twill/summertex : US$18.00
Party Dress : 3 piece : twill/summertex : US$25.00
For more details feel free to contact us.
(Please write in English only, Thanks!)
Moonpak <>
Karachi, 021 Pakistan - Tuesday, July 06, 1999 at 12:15:37 (PDT)