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Limassol - 3106 - Cyprus

Razor Wire is designed to present absolute maximum security when utilized as a ground barrier, a fence topping and on all roof tops and walls, when used in conjunction with other perimeter defence equipment e.g. floodlighting, movement detectors and sensors. It is an effective delay tactic and a psychological deterrent.
Razor Wire is the most effective anti-intruder perimeter protection available. It is easy to install and solves problems caused by intruders climbing over existing fences.
There are many significant advantages over barbed wire including rigid self supporting coils with over 1,500 needle sharp barbs per metre. The high tensile steel core is extremely resistant to cutting and the galvanised finish is durable and rust resistant.
It is a cheap, cost effective perimeter defence system for military establishments, transport depots, building sites, airports and all industrial applications to suit differing security requirements.
he razor ribbon wire is produced on diameter 900 mm., when measured across the center of the packaged coil.
A core wire (diam. 2,5 mm.) is fabricated from galvanized high tensile spring steel (Grade 65G). A strip is fabricated from galvanized high tensile steel.
Each razor sharp barb is 20 mm. long from tip to tip.

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