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Mumbai (Bombay) - IN - India

India's leading Pest Control & Fumigation Company, carrying out
Fumigation of Export Cargoes in Ship Holds, Containers, Break Bulk,
Warehouses. We also carry out Fumigation of Ships(Cargo & Passenger) , Barges, Rigs, Food Factories etc.
We are the only company in India who offer our Services for Cargo Fumigation on what we term as on a
" No Cure No Pay" basis,
We also carry out Disinfestation against cockroaches & other insects & also Derating of Ships, Barges, Rigs, Passenger
Vessels etc

We also carry out work for Industrial & House Hold pest control, we carry out General Insect Pest Control ,
Rodent Control, Anti termite treatments, Bird Control etc. for Homes, Offices, Factories etc
Mumbai (Bombay), IN India - Tuesday, July 13, 1999 at 00:43:24 (PDT)